Fravero ProPhoto X Célie@Oydin + Mei Wedding Photography 

When we talk about timeless photographs, we have to mention Célie, a Wedding photographer based in Europe. “My work is focused on people and my hope is that it is nothing but true. I love exploring old & new photography techniques to combine natural, timeless photographs with images with a contemporary cinematic touch for your wedding photographs“, said Célie, photographer that’s behind Oydin + Mei Wedding Photography.

In the new collaboration, Fravero team hand crafted new Editorial Book for Célie, and we’re amazed how everything turned out!

The Editorial Book / Oydin+Mei Wedding Photography in Amsterdam, Produced by Fravero ProPhoto, The Netherlands 2024.

Check out full interview with lovely Célie!

When it comes to aesthetics, I’m all about that classic, sun-soaked vibe you’d find in a Hitchcock movie or the timeless elegance of French Riviera shots by Aaron Slims. My style? It’s like blending candid storytelling with a touch of poetry, ensuring every snap captures the raw energy and beauty of the moment.

Your wedding day will be whirlwind of love, laughter, and those unforgettable, blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em moments. I’m all about capturing those real, unscripted feels with my natural, documentary-style shots. Think of your pics as little time capsules—each one telling a story packed with emotion, style, and all the fun quirks that make your day uniquely yours. From your crew shedding happy tears to those epic dance floor shenanigans, I’m there to freeze those memories in time“, she said.

Also, she’s passionate out printed photography as we are!

The Wedding Shoot / Oydin+Mei Wedding Photography in Amsterdam, Produced by Fravero ProPhoto, The Netherlands 2024.

Printed photography is where the love for your photographs continues. There is nothing like a beautiful art book – it’s like a little piece of magic on your coffee table. From the heavy feeling in your hands when you pick it up, to the tactile experience of turning each page, printed photography offers a sense of permanence and an experience that digital files simply can’t match. The colours, the shadows, the details – the impact of a physical photograph is undeniable”, photographer added.

The Editorial Book / Oydin+Mei Wedding Photography in Amsterdam, Produced by Fravero ProPhoto, The Netherlands 2024.

What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

“I find myself drawn to the portraiture of people & bridal fashion. Each couple has a unique blend of emotions and style, a captivating narrative waiting to be captured. I revel in exploring the spectrum of emotions experienced on a wedding day—from the fluttering excitement of anticipation to the cathartic release post-ceremony, and the tender, champagne-infused moments of love during heartfelt speeches, where the bride finds a deep peace leaning on her partner’s shoulder.

Beyond weddings, I immerse myself in collaborating with wedding fashion designers, crafting compelling visual tales that showcase their latest collections. Through a fusion of photography and short form video formats, we bring their visions to life in captivating narratives”.

How did the collaboration with Fravero come about?

“Fravero caught my eye when several photographers I admire started showcasing their signature books made by them. The quality and innovative design were astounding—I was genuinely blown away! Instantly, I knew I had to collaborate with your team. After an exhaustive three-year search for a high-quality printing studio, finding you was a revelation. The entire Fravero team is consistently attentive, swift in communication, and delivers unparalleled quality in every book. You are the only printer capable of bringing this exceptional editorial book to life for my couples”.

What advice would you like to give to the young generation of photographers, and to your clients?
(For Photographers)
Enjoy the ride! To me, photography is about having fun with the people around me, playing and exploring the world. Don’t hold back—let your heart lead the way and your creativity flow.

To keep things fresh and inspired every wedding season, I take myself on a cocooning retreat once a year to immerse myself in a new city for a month, where I can just chill and do my thing. It’s all about experimenting, having fun, and developing new ways of seeing to bring with me into the next season.

(For Clients) Let’s talk teamwork! Planning your dreamy three-day getaway in France or Italy? Well, get ready for some fun decisions when it comes to your photoshoot. We’ll chat about timing, locations, gown styling, and all those little details that’ll make your photographs pop. Have you thought about how you want your portraits to feel, or if family shots are your thing? Oh, and don’t forget about those timeless polaroids and film images!

For us, capturing those genuine, heartfelt moments is the result of everyone having a great time in a relaxed atmosphere. That’s why for us “You bring the vibe, we’ve got the spice” is a phrase we live by. If you’re currently selecting your wedding photographer, our advice is to choose someone you feel comfortable with and whose presence you truly enjoy. The rest will naturally fall into place.

And what’s next?

Loads of exciting stuff! I’m gearing up for this year’s cocooning session in Nice—a stunning spot with all the greenery you could dream of, and a bunch of talented creatives to collaborate with. Plus, I’m stoked to roll out the first-ever Oydin+Mei preset collection for Lightroom. Oh, and not forgetting about my very first online course tailored for fellow shutterbugs. It’s all happening!“.

Célie Photographed by Oydin+Mei Wedding Photography in Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2024.

Find out more about and if you like EDITORIAL BOOK order it here.

The Editorial Book / Oydin+Mei Wedding Photography in Amsterdam, Produced by Fravero ProPhoto, The Netherlands 2024.


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