Welcome to Fravero Prophoto: What’s new in 2022.?

The last couple of years were challenging for all of us, but at the same time, we realized how important printing emotions really are because all we have are our memories of good times. As our business grows, we manage to expand our team and we’re working more than ever.

Situations in the world’s market are changing, so are we. Because of the worldwide situation and pandemics, there is currently a shortage of paper on the world market, so we also have daily challenges and difficulties in procuring materials without foreign suppliers. We’re doing our best to keep the PREMIUM QUALITY that we’re known for.

In this ever-changing life, we keep looking forward. We introduced you to our new website so now you can order personalized books and boxes online. Also, we have some new products so be sure to contact us and ask for our new FRAVERO PRO PHOTO 2022. PRICELIST.

Our goal is to educate photographers so that you can show your clients that no laptop or phone can give them the same sensation of a real deal – full printed album. And yes! We want our covers to be smelled and touched, we want you to take some time and relive memories flipping through pages…

Our mission is to produce timeless, premium quality products and we’re happy that our ambassadors share our mission.

In the next blog post, we’ll introduce you to our ambassadors so keep notice.


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