NEW COLLABORATION: Anna Ohh Ginger x Fravero ProPhoto

When creative minds come together… something special is about to happen. At Fravero ProPhoto, it’s important for us to produce premium products, we specialize in personalizations, custom designs, and out-of-the-box ideas… so when Anna, also known as Ginger’s Eyes, reached out to us, we were instantly excited!

Each Editorial Wedding Book is a unique piece of art—and now, we can finally show you our new collaboration with the talented Anna, an internationally published photographer, artist, and educator.

How would you describe your style? What aesthetics attract you?

Influenced by author cinematography and unconventional fashion, I daresay my work carries a sense of freedom and mystery in itself. My main go-to tools are contemporary aesthetics, sense of composition and timeless, but intentional colors.

As someone who works with photography, is printed photography still interesting and desirable?

Hard YES! In my opinion, a printed photograph instantly acquires quality of an artwork. Whether a small, or a big-sized print to hang on the wall, I always feel like I am holding a piece of poetry in my hands.

What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

Depends on the mood; while people take the main stage most of the time, sometimes I just love a good still life setup, an empty cityscape featuring architecture as a protagonist, other times — the dreamy states of nature, etc.

How did the collaboration with Fravero come true? Tell us more about this collaboration and why its important to you? 🙂

I got drawn to Fravero’s unique and tailored approach to every photographer they work with. I reached out to them and was instantly received with great attention and care. I must say that during our first meet-up call, their excitement and drive completely sold me! Instead of suggesting “the typical” or adhering to the commercial market rules, they love doing things differently, which definitely makes them stand out.

Needless to say, the ability to think outside the box has always been the defining element for me when it comes to partnering with businesses or creatives. In this regard, Fravero is a huge gift and I am looking forward with curiosity to how our product is going to evolve with time.

Share with us what else is new? 🙂 New goals and ideas for this year…

Oh so many! Apart from photography and art direction projects, I am stepping onto an uncharted territory that is the new business that I am launching together with my partner already this spring.

We are keeping it a secret until then, but I believe the product we are releasing is going to be a game changer for many of the creatives in our industry. I can’t wait to start using it myself and definitely am impatient to share it with the world!

Find out more about Anna on her website


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