Fravero ProPhoto Ambassadors: PETAR JURICA

He’s the guy you cannot un-like. An award-winning untraditional wedding photographer with a unique artistic style. Covering weddings worldwide, but also bringing worldwide photographers in Zagreb thanks to GRAIN festival, the first wedding photography festival in the region with top industry names from all around the world.

He is Petar Jurica. A photographer, co-organizer of the Grain festival – and Fravero ambassador.

Photo: Petar Jurica

I see my style as a combination of photographs of real, candid, emotional moments on the wedding day and at the same time dedication to the aesthetics, as I started as a photojournalist in daily newspapers and continued as a photographer in a lifestyle magazine. So that’s the reason why I try to combine both of those worlds… maybe we can describe it as a hybrid of photojournalism and a touch of editorial photography“, said Peter in our interview.

Petar Jurica, photographer
Fravero ProPhoto Book

Is printed photography still interesting and desirable?

I think that prints are starting to gain value again. During the pandemic seasons, there was a big increase in my clients wishes to print an album for themselves and their families, so they can hold those memories in their hands and not just on screens of computers and mobile phones. It might have to do with that many of them being separated from their families for two years and they cherish even more those times and opportunities when they are together with their loved ones.

Photo: Petar Jurica / Fravero ProPhoto Book

What are your favorite motifs that you like to photograph?

Everything on a wedding day, except group shots if I can be honest haha… On a wedding day, I love to be like an invisible guest, so I can capture the atmosphere and candid moments, those beautiful connections and emotions between people. That’s what excites me the most in this work…

Photo: Petar Jurica

How did the cooperation with Fravero come about? What is it like to be a Fravero ambassador? 🙂

I love that Fravero is a family-owned company with a tradition, but at the same time with a massive dedication and desire to advance and implement new products and materials regularly. That is something that I enormously value. Also, as it’s based in my hometown, I am 100% for supporting local companies.

Photo: Petar Jurica

What advice would you like to give to the young generation of photographers, and what advice would you give to your clients?

Invest in your knowledge and education as a photographer, but also make sure to explore other forms of art as that can help you grow as a photographer and artist. Also, learn to be patient as it takes time to grow a successful business.

To clients – take a sip of champagne and enjoy, we will take care of the rest 🙂

Photo: Petar Jurica

What’s new with you? Goals and ideas for 2023.? 🙂

After a few challenging seasons for our industry and for the world, in general, seems it’s time to get back on the old tracks and for me, that means a lot of traveling which I really love and enjoy, and I missed it the last few years. It’s a very exciting year in front of me and I can’t wait for those Saturdays. Also, I am very proud that we had a 3rd edition of the Grain Festival in Zagreb this November and feedback from our attendees was really awesome, so we are excited for the 4th in November 2023 to have again the top names from the industry in our home town Zagreb.

Check out Petar’s profile: Website / Instagram

Photo: Petar Jurica


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