Fravero ProPhoto x Silvia Falcomer

Printing emotions is what we do the best. It’s a fact. If you don’t believe us, just ask Italian photographer Silvia Falcomer 😉

Our latest collaboration turned out even better than we imagined at the start, because our design team ILLE CONCEPT had a vision about new design of the Editorial Book – one of most popular premium products.

For the new cover, we found inspiration in the love seal and the well-known saying ” I DO”. We further enriched the design of the cover by using two different typographies in order to achieve strikings and dynamism“, ILLE team explained. But first, let’s talk about Silvia and her photography style.

She started her career in Amsterdam, where she lived and travelled the world to capture beautiful weddings like the USA, Canada, Malaysia, Greece and many more. Now she relocated in Italy, yet she continues to work both globally and in Italy. Her work is influenced by the places she visits, the people she meets and by fashion. Her work is recognizable, ageless, sometimes edgy, sometimes romantic, and always with her own touch. Her sensitive soul will capture not just the beauty of your day but also the emotions, the little gestures, and the moments that will make your story unique. And that’s what we do – we print out those emotions.

My goal is to capture genuine emotions and the essence of the day in a way that feels both authentic and artistically refined. I am drawn to the aesthetics that blend fashion influences, which is why I like to call my style editorial. I strive to blend fashion and wedding photography, while always incorporating a touch of emotion, because weddings are all of these and more“, Silvia said and she continues: “Printed photography holds a unique charm and permanence that digital images can’t replicate. There’s something special about holding a beautifully crafted photo album or seeing a stunning print displayed on a wall. Printed photographs become tangible memories, allowing people to relive their cherished moments in a more intimate and personal way. My favorite subjects are undoubtedly couples and their loved ones. Capturing the joy, love, and connection between people during their most significant moments is incredibly rewarding. I also enjoy photographing details—such as wedding decor, flowers, and personal touches—that tell a deeper story of the day”.


My collaboration with Fravero started through a mutual appreciation for quality and craftsmanship. I was drawn to their commitment to creating beautiful, handcrafted pieces. The synergy between our artistic vision and their expertise in design and fabrication made this collaboration a dream come true for me. Together, we aim to offer clients something truly unique and memorable“, Silvia shared.


“Staying current with trends and new designs for book covers is important because it allows me to offer my clients fresh and modern options. A well-designed cover can enhance the overall experience. I believe in combining timeless elegance with contemporary aesthetics to create books that are both beautiful and meaningful. That’s why we collaborated on the design of the “I DO BOOK”, specifically crafted for my clients, so they can have a fashionable book to look at every day “, she said, and ILLE team explained the design:

At the request of the client, the background is in white, while the signature typography is in black. We combined the verticality of the text and the size of the text that will go into the bleed of the format itself. The red color, which dominates and colors the bold text, brings passion and energy to the entire design”.

We carefully select editorial books that offer exceptional quality and design. With 200 pages and 200 images, these substantial books tell the complete story of the couple’s special day. The attention to detail, quality of materials, and craftsmanship are truly outstanding. These books perfectly complement my photography and elevate the presentation of our work to the next level“, said the photographer, and Fravero team couldn’t be happier how it all turned out.

Find more about photographer Silvia Falcomer and also about ILLE CONCEPT. If you’re interested in orderind your Editorial Book, click here.


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